Height:                       5'6" (158.4cms)

Weight:                      14 st 2 lbs.

Hair:                           Brown and balding / shaved

Eyes:                          Dark brown

Build:                         Stocky

Playing age:              30-40

Singing voice:           Bass Baritone with strong belt (B2-C5)

'Disconnected', by Jamie Lakritz.
Performed for The Queens of Cups' 'New Moon Monologues', April 2021

Current / upcoming projects:

Voicing the 'Utterly' crime series of novels (by Pauline Manders) in their ongoing audiobook releases.

Voicing El Paso Grande and Guillermo / Hyper Rob in the Reynard City Chronicles animated tales.

Online play readings & outreach development for QuirkHouse and the Bank.

Producing further ongoing projects as part of the QuirkHouse Theatre Company programme, including organising the theatre offering of the Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival.

Performing with Strange Fascination Theatre in their open air adaptation of 'Treasure Island'.

Collaborating with Stave House in multi-arts workshops, in order to benefit children not only in their performances but also their personal and school lives, and in their mental health and wellbeing.

About Me

Predominantly working in East Anglia and London, I am co-founder of QuirkHouse Theatre Company, Director of the Banks Arts Centre (Eye, Suffolk), and an actor, voice actor, director, singer, dramaturge and poet for hire. 

Like a gunslinger but less dangerous.


Both of my parents were drama and English teachers, who inspired in me a love of both language and performing - many aspects of which I have been involved with all my life. A classically trained singer and long-term fan of grass-roots and regional theatre, I look for interesting, thought-provoking and philosophical pieces that pose more questions than they answer.

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