• Voiceover tone: characterful, rich & versatile
  • Voice playing age: early 20s - 70ish
  • Classically trained singer (baritone)
  • The mental health section on my commercial reel, below, is closest to my natural voice
  • Being particularly good at character voices, I specialise in VO work for computer games and animations; listen to the one-take animation reel, below, for a small introduction!

Commercial Reel - AJ Deane.mp3

AJ Deane Animation & Comp Game Voice Reel.mp3

Room noise 10s.mp3

I am the voice of Guillermo / Hyper Rob, El Paso Grande, Mega Fox, and 'The Humiliator' in The Reynard City Chronicles, an exciting new comic / webcomic, written by Robert Turner - check the project out via this link!

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AJ has been a brilliant addition to our team. He has terrific enthusiasm and energy that's infectious, but he is also a dedicated professional who does all he can to get the job done. I have no hesitation in recommending him for your next job!

- Rob Turner, author of The Reynard City Chronicles

And here is a sample (spoiler alert!):
Below is an audio monologue, 'The Accidental Satanist', originally written by Joanna Hagan for QuirkHouse Theatre's QuirkHouse 5 (2018) and performed here for her and Francine Carrel's podcast, 'The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret' (credit to Francine for the FX editing)

Accidental Satanist - Joanna Hagan.mp3

Below is an audio sample of 'Utterly Explosive', the first in a novel series written by Pauline Manders, for which I am narrating the audio book versions.

UE ACX Sample.mp3

I have worked with AJ Deane on several audio projects over the last few years. I have found him to be unfailingly pleasant, polite and professional. He is always quick to respond to emails and messages and his relaxed easy-going manner make him a pleasure to work with. 

As a narrator he is accurate and follows the text well. He has a large repertoire of accents and a rich voice with a wide range. He has made the whole process of creating an audio book stress-free. I highly recommend him.

- Pauline Manders, author of The Utterly Crime Series.

  • See below for a selection of theatrical pieces - more to follow.

Billy Liar.mp3

Our Country's Good.mp3

The White Company.mp3

Under Milk Wood.mp3